Great moments in communication

  • 450

    chinese invent printing by inking carved wood blocks

    this version of printing was the very first to have an eficent way that led up to our technology today. This technology helped the us and many other countrys advance in technology or printing machines
  • Mar 30, 776

    homing pigeons carry news about the greek olympics in 776 bc

    the homing pigeons delivered the news to people all over Europe about the first olympics in ancient Greece.
  • Ada Bryon, a mathmatician writes the world's first computer program for a cuputing machine designed by Charles Babbage, but never built

  • Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone, transmitting the sound of the voice clearly over electrical wires

    By 1884, Bell's work was neary done. Alexander thought the phone should be answered with "Hoy,Hoy" instead of "Hello". When telephones were invented there was no techynology to keep track of the time people talked so the phone componies charged on flat fee.
  • first long distance call ever made

    the first long distance ever took place from Bostin to New York. The call took place between the current president Rutherford B. Hayes and Alexader Gram Bell. The first phone was installed in the white house.
  • very few homes have a televison set to watch local broadcast

    The first televisions were placed in richer or higer class homes for these people to see the local news instead of hearing it around town they could just watch tv to find out.
  • The Internet is invented by the U.S. government as miltary communication

  • the personal computer both small and powerful is invented

    the first personal computer was invented in 1975 it was one of the very first computers ever installed in a home. They had other models of the perssonal computer by different companys.
  • Tim Barners- Lee invents the World Wide Web

    after graduation he work at a telecation compony
  • Marc Anderson creates the first broswer program