Gioachino Antonio Rossini

By Ella28
  • Rossini's birth

    Rossini's birth
    Hewas born in February 29,1792, Pesaro,Papal State (Italy)
  • Rossini's composed

    Rossini's composed
    He wrote operas, especially opera buffa and opera seria. He also wrote a cantata, La morte di Didone (1811), to honor the Mombelli family who were very helpful to him. Rossini also wrote an oratorio, Ciro in Babilonia, and choral music such as the Stabat Mater and Petite messe solennelle.
  • Interesting Facts

    Interesting Facts
    Rossini retired a wealthy man and was known to give lavish dinners attended by notable names in music during the 19th century. Richard Wagner paid Rossini a visit and afterward, Wagner wrote “A Memory of Rossini," an essay about their conversation. Rossini also loved to cook and even invented a dish called tournedos Rossini.
  • Rossini's family

    Rossini's family
    His first wife is Isabella Colbran a Spanish soprano and she died in 1845. He married Olympe Pélissier, his second wife and got married on August 16, 1846. Rossini did'nt had a child.
    When he was 39, he retired and when his 45, he left Paris to live in Bologna.
  • Also known as. . .

    Also known as. . .
    Gioachino Antonio Rossini was his full name. He was an Italian composer known for his comic operas. He was also a conductor and accompanist. He was married to the operatic singer Isabella Colbran. After Colbran died in 1847, Rossini married Olympe Pélissier.
  • Rossini's death

    Rossini's death
    He died on November 13,1868 in the city of Passy, near Paris (France). He died when he was 76 years old.