George Washington Carver

  • Period: to

    George Wasington Carver's lifespan

  • George Washington Carver is born under slavery.

    Born under slavery, George Washington Carver had a rough childgood.
  • America buys Alaska from Russia

  • Education

    Only when he was 12 was George allowed to go to a school that allowed black people, saddly the school was 11 miles away from home.
  • George travels to Ness County, Kansas.

  • Loans

    George Washington Carver was given a loan of 3000 dollars is obtained by George at the Bank Of Ness County for collage
  • First black student at Simpson College.

    When George entered college he studied art and piano
  • George transferred to Iowa State College to be their first black student

  • First black member of Iowa state college's faculty.

    When he gradusted from Iowa state college, they asked him if he would like to saty as a teacher, becoming the first black person to ever be given a role in a university.
  • George graduates from Iowa state

  • Carver is invited to be the leader of the Agriculture department at Tuskegee Institute

  • Carver designs the Jesup wagon to educate southern farmers

  • George quits the Tuskeegee University because of poor quality

  • World War I ends

    Germany and the Allies sign an armistice to end the fighting in World War I.
  • Seattle Strike

    In Seattle, local trade unionists affiliated with both the mainstream American Federation of Labor and the radical Industrial Workers of the World organize a general strike, halting economic activity in the city for five days. The strike ultimately fails when workers, threatened with state violence and undermined by their own cautious labor leaders, return to their jobs.
  • Steel Strike Ends

  • Carver recieves the spingarn medal from the NAACP

  • George continues to work on a peanut oil massage to cure polio

  • George meets Henry Ford and they become dear friends

  • Carver receives the Roosevelt medal for amazing devotion to the agriculture of the south

  • The museum named the George Washington Carver museum was dedicated at the Tuskegee Institute

  • Henry and George deny working together on a solution to the shortage of rubber during WWI

  • George Washington Carver dies