George washington

  • Born

    he was born in Virginia planther family
  • Lived (where)

    he lived in ferry farm
  • Father died

    georges father died when he was 11 years old
  • Paid well

    he was paid well and it satisfied him
  • he fought

    he fought his first skirmishes of what grew in the French Indian war
  • Married

    he was married to a widow named Martha dandrige
  • American revolotin

    he manged ato get land around it
  • Step children

    he got step children
  • Took comand

    he took command of his ill troops at cambridge Massachusetts
  • Beat the British

    He beat the British sondly during this time
  • Peace plan

    aproved peace plan
  • Step son died

    his stepson died during this time
  • Pime mover

    he became prime over in philladelfia
  • Pesident

    he becam president here
  • First President

    he was elected to be the first president because he stayed for 24 years
  • Rival

    he had political parties
  • Realected

    he was realected
  • Farwell

    he published his farwell
  • Retired

    he ritired
  • comissiend

    he was commissend Lieutenant General and commaned in Chief of United
  • Retirement and died

    he retired for three years at Mont Vernon. Then he died of a throat infection.