George Szell

By Domcon
  • Born

    In this year the famous George Szell was born.
  • Geting Known

    In 1915, at the age of 18, Szell won an appointment with Berlin's Royal Court Opera. There he got a friend named Richard Strauss Strauss instantly recognized Szell's skill.
  • Conducting Music Style

    Szell now had his own style of conducting music.
  • Leveling the royal Opera

    Szell left the Royal Court Opera in 1919
  • WW2

    During world war 2 he worked with various opera houses in europe.
  • Moving Back

    There was a war in europe so he moved back to the united states.
  • Cleveland Orchestra 1946-1970

    In 1946, Szell was asked to become the Music Director of the Cleveland Orchestra, it was a very good one to. And he pretty much did this for the trest of his main life.
  • Dead

    Szell Died.