Werner Heisenberg

  • Early education

    Heisenberg entered the University of Munich in 1920. In 1923 he finished his doctorates with his dissertation in hydrodynamics. 1924 he finished his qualification to teach at the university level. Some of his instructors were:
    Arnold Sommerfeld, an expert on atomic spectroscopy and exponent of the quantum model of physics.
    Max Born at the University of Göttingen
  • Educational youtube video

  • Quantum mechanics

    In 1925 with assistant Pascual Jordan they looked into the issue of spectrum intensities of the electron taken as an anharmonic oscillator. He believed that the theory should focus on what can be observed and utilized the matrix algebra which they used in their quantum mechanic paper.
  • Uncertainty principle

    In 1927 he formulated a principle that we can not know the position or the speed of a particle to such accuracy. If you find its position than you'll know less on it's speed and if you know the particles speed your less accurately going to know its position.
  • Nobel Prize

    In 1932 he won but was not awarded until 1933 the Nobel prize in physics for his creation of quantum physics. Because of his theory into quantum physics it led to its discovery of allotropic forms of hydrogen.