Geologic Timeline

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  • Period: to


  • The Precambrian Era

    The Precambrian Era
    The precambrian era is the longest period in the world. It held a lot of life and was the first era where animals started to appear.
  • One Celled Organsims

    One Celled Organsims
    One celled organisms was the 1st animal in the world. It was only 1 cell hence the name, the One Cel-led Organism
  • Algea Colums

    Algea Colums
    Then algea columns started to appear. THen fungus started to pop up.
  • Life flurished

    Life flurished
    Then life flurished. Stromatilites started to pop up. Jelly fish appeared. Which then came to worms poping up.
  • The Precambrian Era ended

    The Precambrian Era ended
    When one era ends, a new one begins.
  • Period: to

    The Paleozoic Era began

  • Animals with out Backbones

    Animals with out Backbones
    Trilobites and ani,als without backbones appeared
  • Here come the fish

    Here come the fish
    Then fishes started to appear
  • Finally, land animals

    Finally, land animals
    Reptiles started to appear on land.
  • Insects appeared

    Insects appeared
    Insects followed the reptiles.
  • Most of sea life died out

    Most of sea life died out
    Most sea life died out at the end of the era.
  • The paleozoic Era ended

    The paleozoic Era ended
    The paleozoic ended
  • Period: to

    The Mesozoic Era Began


    The most common animal in this era appeared! This animal was the Dinosaur! AWWWWWWWWWWWWW!
  • Birds

    Birds started to appear following the dinosaurs.
  • The first mammals

    The first mammals
    The first mammals came to earth. Mammals are animals that don't have their offspring hatch from eggs. Also mammals give milk to their offspring.
  • The mesozoic era ended

    The mesozoic era ended
    The mesozoic era ends but with exticntion comes new life.
  • Period: to

    The Cenozoic Era began

  • Camels and Horses

    Camels and Horses
    1st camels came. In this era is when mammals started to become numorus.
  • Ice sheets!

    Ice sheets!
    4 times in our history, gigantic peices of ice scraped across the land.
  • Humans!

    After the ice sheets moved, arised the first humans.