Genesis TimeLine

By Zendrex
  • Joseph

  • Jacob

    A sin that we learnfrom jacob is that he and his mother were both liars about several events that happened in his time period. His mother got him into lieing, and soon the family was full of liars.
  • Isaac

  • Abraham

    Because Abraham promised, and gave what he said he would, just like what god said he would have happen.
  • The Tower of Babell

    God was displeased because they were basically chapels to say prayers and thanks to other gods orther then him.
  • The Flood

  • The Creation

    God created us in his image because he wanted us to be able to use our full potential to evolve, and to share the word about god to everyone.
  • The Fall

    We see gods salvation every time he helps one through a troubled time, or a sin. He forgives us, and helps us know that he is watching over us, leading us in the right direction.