GBNightbyElieWiesel, nonfiction, 113

  • 1-46

    You meet Moishe and elizer who are both very young, They ignore the dangers that servant tries to tell them. Later, Elizer is captured and is taken away in a carriage where they arive to a building with smoke and the smelll of burning flesh. Elizer and his dad see horrible things and are treated horribly
  • 46-85

    Elezar and his father are sent to Buna to work and are still treated horridly. Elizer and his dad are forved to run a forty two mile run in a blizear and help eachother stay concious. Elizer nearly gets killed
  • 85-115

    The survivors are packed into a cattle car and sent to Germany. Elizers's father is weakening and the nazi's refuse to give him any water. One morning Elizer wakes up to find that his father is not next to him and he is more releived than sad because he knows his father is dead and wont suffer and longer. Elizar;s block is evacuated and he devotes himself to human rights