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  • Birth

    He was born in Brunswick, a city located in German.
  • Period: to

    Carolina School

    He came in on Carolina School with 17 years, where he studied for 3 years and he surprised everyone with his facility for languages. He came to master Greek and Latin in a very short time and after those 3 years he still was not sure if he wanted to devote himself to mathematics or philology.
  • Period: to

    Göttingen University

    Afterwards, he studied at this university from 1795 to 1798.
  • A 17-sided polygon

    A 17-sided polygon
    He showed that you can draw a regular 17-sided polygon with ruler and compass.
  • Theorem of algebra

    Theorem of algebra
    Gauss was the first to rigorously prove the fundamental theorem of algebra.
  • “Disquisitiones arithmeticae”

    “Disquisitiones arithmeticae”
    This book of mathematical number theory was published. He wrote it when he was 21 years old (1798).
  • Wedding

    He got married with Johanna Elizabeth Rosina Osthoff.
  • 1st son

    1st son
    The first son that he had with Johanna was Carl Joseph Gauss (1806-1873).
  • Teacher of astronomy

    Teacher of astronomy
    He accepted the position of teacher of astronomy at the observatory in Göttingen.
  • 2nd son

    2nd son
    He had another child with Johanna; in this case a girl whose name was Wilhelmine.
  • 3rd son

    Louis was the third child Gauss had. This son caused the death of his mother the following month as a result of his childbirth. What’s more, Louis also he died in March 1810.
  • 2nd wedding

    2nd wedding
    In August he remarried Johanna's best friend, Friederica Wilhelmine Waldeck, who died in 1831 after suffering from tuberculosis for thirteen years.
  • 4th son

    4th son
    He had 3 more children with Friederica. The first was Eugene, a mathematician who emigrated to America and founded a bank.
  • 5th son

    5th son
    The second one was Wilhelm, who followed his brother and also became rich.
  • 6th son

    6th son
    And the third and last child was Therese, who took care of the home after the death of his mother and until the death of Gaus.
  • Gauss's law

    Gauss's law
    In 1835 he formulated Gauss's law or Gauss's theorem, which nowadays we study in both physics and mathematics.
  • Death

    He died in Göttingen, German, at the age of 77.