gatsby timeline

Timeline created by royeee
  • -12 BCE

    cody dies

    Cody dies and gatsby doesn't inherit anything, but his gentleman manners.
  • -11 BCE

    Cody takes gatsby under his wing

    Cody takes a liking to gatz, and takes him shopping for sailing clothes and takes him to sea to explore the west indies and barbary
  • -10 BCE

    attends st.olaf college in minnesota

    Gatz attends this college to achieve his dreams, does janitor work to pay it off, eventually ends up back at lake superior
  • -9 BCE

    James Gatz from dakota

    Gatz meets Dan Cody at Lake superior
  • 13

    gatsby moves and makes his money

    After cody's death, gatsby moves to New York and makes his fortune to attract daisy.