Timeline created by Hollowknightplayer
  • Beginning

    Gandhi was born in Oct 2nd, 1869. He was in the lower caste known as Vaisya and got married at 13
  • Law school

    When he was 19 he went to London to study law, this was against his caste. He left after 9 months and before he passed his examination.
  • Return to India

    He returned to India and became the first colored lawyer. He built a large practice
  • South Africa

    Gandhi eventually went to South Africa as a lawyer and saw fellow Indians in South Africa. He saw how they were treated as inferior it was still loyal to the British Empire. He eventually gave aid against the Zulu revolt
  • Civil Disobedience

    In 1906 he began his peaceful revolt, he said that he would rather go to jail or die before obeying an anti-Asian law. Many people joined him and he was imprisoned twice. But in world war 1 he organized ambulance corps for the british
  • Campaign

    Gandhi had a lot of followers because of all the things he had said and done, so he became a leader in the Indian National Congress. He later launched a campaign, telling Indians to spin their own cotton and boycott British goods. He was jailed once, then he led Indians to collect their own sails and was jailed again
  • Retirement

    He retired as head of the party but still remained leader, and then he realized that India wouldn’t be free if they were ruled by Britain. So he decided he would demand independence for helping Britain in the war. He was imprisoned yet again
  • Independence

    Gandhi finally achieved independence, but there was a cost, Hindu-muslim riots broke out and he once again resorted to non-violence. He started fasting until Delhi rioters gave up. he was killed by a Hindu who was maddened by efforts to reconcile
  • Death

    Nearly 50 years later, his ashes were spread across the Ganges River during a ceremony. His great grandson had done this for him