Galileo Galilei

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  • Feb 15, 1564

    Galileo Galilei was born

    Galileo Galilei was born
    Galileo Galilei was born on the 15th of February 1564 Pisa, Tuscany, Italy. Galileo has 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Galileo’s father Vincenzo Galilei is a very well known musician, and had always wanted Galileo to become a doctor in the hospitals to help the sick. Galileo is an Astronomer, Philosopher and a mathematician. Galileo is really good with physicist.
  • 1574

    Galileo leaves Tuscany, Italy

    Galileo leaves Tuscany, Italy
    Galileo’s family leaves Tuscany to move to Florence (Italy) and Galileo soon starts to attend the monastery of Vallombrosa-Summer in 1574
  • 1581

    Galileo’s education

    Galileo’s education
    Galileo was sent to an university (University of Pisa) by his father to study medicine, he then figures he had a talent for mathematics and soon leaves university without holding a degree-summer in 1581
  • Becoming a teacher

    Becoming a teacher
    Galileo was hired to become a mathematics teacher in the university of Pisa for his experience of the place and his knowledge on mathematics and his disapproval of Aristotle’s theory that heavier objects falls down faster than the lighter. One of his research for this topic is The Law of Falling bodies. 1589-1592
  • Galileo publishes his theory

    Galileo publishes his theory
    The theory of ‘The Law of Falling bodies’ is now called the theory of uniform acceleration. At this time, Galileo also proved that a ball thrown in the air will always follow a parabolic line. Parabolic means it will fall eventually.
  • Galileo improves the telescope

    Galileo improves the telescope
    Galileo Galilei moves back to Padua (Italy) to improve the scope of the telescope so he can observe the tall heavens, he brought the telescope-bringing it to 32 powers (measurement for telescope)
  • Galileo starts his journey for astronomy

    Galileo starts his journey for astronomy
    After Galileo Galilei improves the telescope and makes it better, he started observing the moon and stated that it isn’t completely smooth. He also saw that the Milky Way is made up of stars as well as that it’s a nebulae.
  • Galileo drops his telescope subject

    Galileo drops his telescope subject
    Galileo leaves Padua to go to the Grand Duke of Tuscany to become the first mathematician and philosopher. The duke gave him time to study.
  • Galileo goes back to astronomy

    Galileo goes back to astronomy
    Galileo galilei writes 3 letters to Rome, proving his belief in the heliocentric theory about the sunspots moving around the big sun.
  • Galileo travels

    Galileo travels
    Galileo goes back to Rome to appeal the 1616 decree. He got permission to write again, but it has to be balanced between the 2 sides.
  • The end-death

    The end-death
    Galileo soon dies from a long-ill-disease in Arcetri, Italy
  • Period: to

    Conflict with Rome

    After Galileo wrote the letters, he still got hate and a lot of disagreement by the church, the Aristotelian scholars and most people around Rome.
  • Period: to

    Hate from Rome

    The church bans Galileo’s letters and told him not to fight back and prove his theories again. Galileo then retires and returns back to his hometown in bellosguardo in Florence.
  • Period: to

    Galileo publishes...again

    Galileo publishes his great work, Dialogo sopra I due massimi sistemi del mondo, tolemaico e copernicano (Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World discussing about the Ptolemaic Copernicus systems. He then got trials after trials for over confidence of his theories and starts to take it unliteral
  • Period: to

    Galileo moves again

    Galileo travels back to Rome for his Suspicion of heresy project. He is then under arrest For 8 years until death stroke.