Galileo Galilei

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  • Feb 15, 1564

    The birth of Galileo Galilei

    The day Galileo Galilei entered the world. Born in Pisa, Italy. Febuary 15 1564. Son of Vincenzo Galilei and Giulia Di Cosimo Ammannati.
  • 1574

    Galileo’s move to Florence

    The Galilei family moves to Florence in 1574 they had lived for many generations.
  • 1581

    Enrolled to the University of Pisa

    Galileo enrolls to the University of Pisa, looking to get a degree in medicine
  • Leaving University of Pisa

    Galileo leaves the University of Pisa while not even finishing and getting a degree
  • Velocity Experiment

    Velocity Experiment
    Galileo dropped objects off the leaning tower of Pisa to prove Aristotle’s theory that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones, wrong.
  • Galileo’s thermometer

    Galileo’s thermometer
    Invented in 1593, Galileo’s Thermometer is a sealed tube which is filled with water and has a number of floating bubbles inside as well.
  • The sector

    The sector
    Also known as the proportional compass or military compass. It was a major calculating instrument. It is an instrument which consisted of two rulers of equa length that were joined by a hinge.
  • Galileo’s Telescope

    Galileo’s Telescope
    News of the first ever telescope had just come out, which inspired Galileo to invent his own one. He found the secret formula to make his telescope. Once it had been invented, this telescope of his would help him finding many discoveries he is known for.
  • Uneven Moon surface

    Using his telescope, Galileo discovered that the Moon actually had an uneven and rough surface just like Earth’s. While other scientist and people had the idea that it was very smooth and the complete opposite to Earth’s.
  • Galilean Moons

    Galilean Moons
    Using the telescope that Galileo had invented, he used it to be the first to find out there were other moons that orbited the planet Jupiter. Io, Europa, Enceladus and Himalia. These were even the four largest in which orbited Jupiter and ever since the discovery, they had been named after Galileo, the Galilean Moons.
  • Discovery of Saturn

    Using Galileo’s Telescope, Galileo was able to discover Saturn and its beautiful rings. So far the second largest planet in the solar system.
  • The death of Galileo Galilei

    The death of Galileo at the age of 77 years old. He died in Arcetri, a place near Florence in Italy. The reason for his death was because he was suffering a fever and heart palpitations.