From the Great Wall of China to the Telegraph A6 Mr. Blanc

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    Beginning of the Great Wall

    Beginning of the Great Wall
    Under the Qin Dynasty, a wall called the Qin Wall is built from stones for defense purposes. Most of it is gone today and no one knows what its exact course was, but it was basically the bone structure for the Great Wall of China. Hundreds of thousands of people died building this wall.
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    Hadrian's Wall and The Antonine Wall

    Hadrian's Wall and The Antonine Wall
    The Hadrian Wall and Antonine wall are built, like the Great Wall, out of stones and as a defense mechanism. This wall was a contemporary of the Great Wall.
  • Birth of Samuel Morse

    Birth of Samuel Morse
    Samuel Finley Breese Morse is born in Boston, Massachusetts.
  • Samuel Morse's wife dies

    Samuel Morse's wife dies
    Lucretia Pickering Walker, Samuel Morse's wife, falls ill and dies while Morse, then an artist, is away on commission while painting. Since the fastest form of communication at the time is through mail, he misses her death and burial. He ends his career as an artist and focuses on finding a way to communicate rapidly.
  • Morse's Interest in Telegraphy

    Morse's Interest in Telegraphy
    On a voyage in 1832, Samuel Morse encounters Charles Thomas Jackson, and discusses electromagnets with him. This inspires Morse, to become interested in telegraphy.
  • First Telegraph

    First Telegraph
    The first Morse Code telegraph is sent, The message reads "What Hath God Wrought". Telegraphs sent in Morse Code are referred to as Telegrams.
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    Jan 1, 1388

    Construction of the Modern Walls

    Under the Ming Dynasty, the Great Wall is vastly expanded. This completes the 13,171 mile strucutre.
    The wall's pathway, while it was used in defense, was also used for transportation, importing goods, and also used as a means of communication.
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    Voyage to America

    During the voyage of the Mayflower or another sepratist/protestant/puritan voyage to America, it is likely that Samuel F. B. Morse's ancestor's went from England, the home of Hadrian's wall to America, the land of opportunity, freedom, and innovation.
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    Developing Morse Code and the Telegraph

    Samuel Morse develops the single-wire telegraph, and Morse code to go along with it.
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    American Civil War

    Both the Union and Confederate Armies use Morse Code and Telegraphs to communicate and send urgent messages during the war. It is a great advantage, and the telegraph becomes essential.