from the beggining to now

  • 400


    200 latin loanwords are inherited from the Romans. In the 6th century the Roman church would bring many more. They lived between 43 BC to 450 AD
  • Jan 1, 1066


    The Normans moved from France to England mixing English with French.
  • Apr 19, 1337

    100 years of war

    100 years of war
    During the war between England and France many people were on England's side. Those who spoke french, but were on England's side thought of they're French language as the language of the enemy so they learned and spoke English, but still keeping some French which mixed it in with English.
  • May 19, 1476


    During the Renaissance printing presses were invented. The pressers who worked the printing press decided to use one language, English, and the same grammer, spelling, etc. People then spoke the way the prints were printed making a certain type of English more common and widespread.
  • Proper Grammer

    Proper Grammer
    In the 1700s human technology began to grow. The growth of technology made people more fancy, which then caused a want for proper grammer use, making english have a correct way of speaking.
  • Industrial revolution

    Industrial revolution
    The industrial revolution changed the way people made stuff, so new things were invented. The new things that were invented needed a name so inventors just came up with a new word to call the invention.
  • Present Day

    Present Day
    After all of the past events that the english language has gone through, it has formed the normal english that we speak today.
  • Anglo Saxons

    Anglo Saxons
    400 words still exist today from this era. They lived during 449 AD
  • St. Augustine

    St. Augustine
    Took over Anglo Saxons and converted them to christian beliefs. The church was latin. The latin mixed with the language the Anglo Saxons had and made the english language bigger.
  • King Alfred and Vikings

    King Alfred and Vikings
    King Alfred pushed the Vikings east from England. He shared his language with the people of England and it mixed together with the little bit of English they already had expanding the language.