From The Battlefield to Home - William Parker Johnson

  • Dr. Mills sick

    Dr. Mills sick
    Measles and Mumps had an outbreak and a lot of people have gotten sick from it. The doctor who cares and helps get rid of the disease is now also sick. From the time William first wrote to his wife Julia to the second the disease has stopped over half of their regiment from going anywhere from their camp and a lot of the youngest who haven't gotten sick are bored from staying in one place.
  • Letter from William to Adela

    Letter from William to Adela
    William writes to his eldest child. He writes about how he just left from war an how he didn't want her to worry. He then talks about how he goes back to camp to see that the doctor is sick and he is trying his best to keep up his work for the regiment while everyone around his is slowly getting sicker and sicker till most of them end up dying. William adds that she should keep doing well in school like she always has and to give his love to the family
  • Wife is sick

    Wife is sick
    At the very beginning of Williams first letter to his wife Julia, he talks about how he knows that she must be sick as her father once was. He left knowing that she was sick when he first left to go to be in the war for the Union. He also worries that he won't get to see her in time and that he is always thinking about her.
  • William is now getting sick

    William is now getting sick
    William's regiment has been getting sick over the last month or so and he is finally showing signs of getting sick as well. He has dysentery and ever since has wanted to leave the regiment even more. His whole entire regiment has left the route that was supposed to be taken in the first place, but because of practically everyone getting sick they took a route to Elizabethtown to a camp to settle in so that everyone would at least get some rest and be good by the time they left.
  • Heading to Nashville

    Heading to Nashville
    The regiment has now started to cross the railroads over to Nashville. The general is expecting to see more battles near Nashville because the rebels have fallen back onto the Tennessee River. Most of the regiments leaders have already arrived so that they can prepared for training when the regiment arrives.
  • All communication from outside is cut off

    All communication from outside is cut off
    While William and the regiment arrives to Nashville William is not able to send any letters. When Julia first gets his letter, it's unexpected. In the letter it reads that all the letters from Nashville to Louisville has now been cut off because off the undertaking of the confederacy.
  • Falling into battle

    Falling into battle
    The Union found out that the confederacy was falling back into the Tennessee river and was ready to fall into battle. William wrote to Julia right before they were to advance.
  • William is ready to resignate

    William is ready to resignate
    William has not been through a lot but since everyone around him is getting sick and dying he is not wanting to do the same. General after general gives in their resignation to leave the war most get accepted but for the soldiers, they wanted them to stay and fight. Very little they let the soldiers resignate because they knew that as soon as they did they wouldn't be able to find a replacement for them.
  • William Resignates

    William Resignates
    William is ready to resignate and talks to the division surgeon and the surgeon explains that William shouldn't have any trouble trying to get the letter accepted. So he thinks about it for a day and finally gets to turn it in. A week later and nothing yet has happened. He writes to his wife Julia saying that he hoped to be on the road heading towards home but yet nobody has gave anything to him about his resignation. Four days later he writes a note to his father saying he is coming home.
  • William is pulled back into battle

    William is pulled back into battle
    Whilst William is headed back home he catches up with people from his regiment and is told he needs to join back into the war. William never intended this to happen but he gets pulled back into battle. He still writes to Julia, even more often. Julia was waiting patiently and she has just heard that he was no longer able to head home.
  • Word of victory won

    Word of victory won
    William writes to Julia yet again with information. He thinks that the war has been won with on going news. It turns out to be a faulty.
  • Tired of battle

    Tired of battle
    William is says there has been another terrible day. The union has yet won another fight, but he seems tired of war. He has seen so many dead and is ready to move on.
  • Letters stop

    Letters stop
    William writes to Julia on October 8, 1864 and was talking about going to battle. After that the letters stopped. It is inferred that he died after the letter.