Benjamin franklin

From The Autobiography Benjamin Franklin

  • Printing Press

    Printing Press
    In 1720 Benjamins brother, James began to print a newspaper. It was called the New England Courant and was the second newspaper in America.
  • Paperboy

    Benjamin was in charge of delivering the paper to the customers in the streets.
  • In Disguise

    In Disguise
    Benjamin wanted to write in the paper, but he knew that his brother would not allow that. Benjamin disguised his handwriting and wrote anonymously, when he was done with his writing, he would slip the writing under the door when no one was there.
  • A Pleasure

    A Pleasure
    The day after Benjamin left his writing under the door, he had the pleasure of finding his brother and his author friends discussing it. During the discussion the men were trying to figure out who wrote it, Benjamin was very happy to find out that they were only naming men that were of great character.
  • The Secret is Revealed

    The Secret is Revealed
    Benjamin kept his secret about writing for the paper anonymously until his brother thought of him better, then he told his brother and it upset his brother greatly.
  • Over It

    Over It
    Benjamin was tired of being his brother's apprentice, so he was looking for a way out.
  • A Way Out

    A Way Out
    James Benjamin was taken to jail for a month because of the stuff he was writing in his paper.
  • An Opportunity

    An Opportunity
    When James got out of jail, he was told that he could no longer print The New England Courant, so to get around this obstacle they started to print the paper under Benjamin Franklins name.
  • No Work

    No Work
    Benjamin decided to leave his brother. When James found out about this he made sure that Benjamin would not be able to find a job at any printing house in town.
  • Bye Bye Boston

    Bye Bye Boston
    Benjamin decided that he would leave Boston to go to New York.
  • No Jobs Here

    No Jobs Here
    Benjamin he tried for a job with William Bradford in Pennsylvania, but Bradford had no work for him. Bradford sent Benjamin to Philidelphia.
  • Hello Philadelphia

    Hello Philadelphia
    Benjamin arrives in Philadelphia by boat but it takes awhile to get to shore because of the waves. Because of the waves they had to go to a different shore and walk the rest of the way to Philadelphia.
  • Dr. Brown

    Dr. Brown
    Benjamin met Dr. Brown on his way to Philadelphia and stayed at his Inn, the two became life long friends.
  • A New Beginning

    A New Beginning
    Benjamin wrote a book about how to become a better Christian.
  • Death

    Benjamin Franklin died.