Friedrich Engels, 28 Nov 1820-18 Aug 1895

By zellmer
  • Friedrich Engels Birth

    Friedrich Engels Birth
    Was born in Barmen, Rhine province, Prussia (Germany)
  • Friedrich Engels Early Years

    Friedrich Engels Early Years
    Engels grew up in Barmen with his Protestant family, who were very well off, with his father owning a textile plant in Barmen, and a partner of a cotton plant in Manchester called Ermen & Engels. Engels went to a secondary school, but dropped out a year before graduation must likely because his father made him, because he thought his future was undefined, and went to work for his father for three years.
  • A Change in Faith

    A Change in Faith
    He is quoted as living a double life in his twenties, during the business day he was an apprentice to his fathers business. After hours he joined a choral society, he went to his favorite tavern, and became a expert swimmer while practicing fencing, riding horse back, and learning new languages. Meanwhile in his own personal/private time he enjoyed reading liberal and revolutionary and came to know the "Young Hegelians" which gave him the idea to question everything and denounced his faith.
  • Interest in Journalism

    Interest in Journalism
    Friedrich started publishing articles under a pseudonym, Friedrich Oswald, maybe to save his Christian family from the hardship his writing might cause them.
  • Volunteering

    Friedrich volunteered for one year in an artillery regiment in Berlin, which later led to military matters being one of his favorite topics he covers in later years, and his friends giving him the nickname of "The General".
  • Communism

    Engels was discharged from the military in 1842. Engels met Moses Hess who converted him to communism. Hess told Engels Hegelian philosophy was basic following the lines of communism. Hess told Engels that England was going to play a major role in future upheavals, so Engels went to Manchester, England where his fathers business is to make it look like he wanted to follow his fathers foot step, but he went for Hess's reason.
  • German-French Year Book

    German-French Year Book
    Engels written two articles for the German-French Yearbook, which were edited in Paris by Karl Marx. In these articles Engels put in early versions of scientific socialism. On Engels way from Manchester to Barmen he stopped in Paris and met with Karl Marx and this led to a permanent partnership to promote the socialist movement.
  • Engels First Publication

    Engels First Publication
    Engels published a book called "The Condition of the Working Class of England". Also published "The German Ideology" his first major joint project.
  • Communist Manifesto

    Communist Manifesto
    Marx with the help of Engels the Communist Manifesto was written, but not yet published unit 1848. This defined the basis of modern communism
  • Revolutions of 1848

    Revolutions of 1848
    The Revolutions of 1848 were attempts for the people of Germany to over throw their political systems, which Marx and Engels saw this as a great opportunity to show their flexibility as revolutionary tacticians while turning this revolution into a communist victory.
  • Selling of His Fathers Partnership

    Engels sold his fathers partnership in Ermen & Engels
  • Engels Death

    Died in London England at the age of 74