Frédéric Chopin

  • Birth

    Frederic Chopin was born the 1 of march of 1810, although the date is uncertain. He was born on a farm in Żelazowa Wola in Poland. He was the son of Tekla JustynaKryzanowska and Mikołaj Chopin, a French teacher emigrated to Poland.
  • Period: to

    Frédéric Chopin

  • His first steps

    Chopin was a child prodigy since he was six years old that he began to frequent the great salons of the aristocracy in Poland, where he wowed the audience through his amazing talent. From this period also date his first compositions.
  • His teachers

    Since 1829, Chopin began his solo career with a series of concerts in Vienna thanks to the help of his teachers. Wojciech Zywny was his first teacher, followed by Jozef Elsner, director of the Schoolof Music in Warsaw. His teachings provided a good theoretical basis and technicaltalent to the boy.
  • His exile to France

    The failure of the Polish revolution of 1830 against Russia led to his exile in France, where he soon became known as a pianist and composer, to become the favorite of the great Parisian salons.
  • Making friends!

    In 1836 he met some of the best composers of his time, like Berlioz, Rossini, Cherubini and Bellini. Also in 1836, he met the writer George Sand, one of his great loves.
  • Bad times

    Because they were so inconsistent, the relationship between Chopin and George Sand has had many interpretations.They separated in 1847. By then, Chopin was severely affected by tuberculosis.
  • The last tour

    Despite the serious illness that affected to Chopin, in 1848 he made a last tour through England and Scotland, which was an extraordinary success.
  • Death

    Finally Frédéric Chopin died in 17 of October of 1849 in Paris.