Fred hollows

Fred Hollows Timeline

By tomm
  • Birth Of Fred Hollows

    Fred Hollows was born on th 9th April 1929 to the parents Joseph and Clarice Hollows. He had three borothers - Colin, John and Maurice. He was born in Dunedin, New Zealand.
  • Moved to Palmerstan North

    The family lived in Dunedin for the first seven years of his life and then moved to Palmerstan North.Fred lived in Dunedin for the first seven years of his life, then in 1936, when fred was only eight years old, he moved to Palmerstan North.
  • Went to the University of Otago

    Went to the University of Otago
    He attended medical school at the University of Otago 1951-1955.Fred went to the University of Otago to study as a medical student and enjoyed the countless resources at his disposal.
  • 1st Marriage - Mary Skiller

    Hollows was married in 1958 to Mary Skiller Fred Hollows married Mary Skiller in 1958 until she died a sad death in 1975.
  • Associate Proffesor - University of NSW

    Associate Proffesor - University of NSW
    In 1965, Fred moved to Australia to accept a very generous offer to become the Associate Proffesor at the University of New South Wales.
  • Period: to

    Time in Australia

    Fred spent his time working in Australia helping poor underdeveoped communities and other overseas reigons eradicate their eye defects.
  • Moorfields Eye Hospital

    Moorfields Eye Hospital
    In 1961 he went to Moorfields Eye Hospital in England to study ophthalmology.In 1969, Fred Hollows went to Moorfields Eye Hospital in England to study Opthamology.
  • Aboriginal Medical Service

    In 1971 Fred set up the first Aboriginal Medical Service in Australia which later helped in in the repairing of eyes with trachoma and other eye defects.
  • 2nd Marriage - Gabi O'Sullivan

    Fred later married a second time to Gabi O'Sullivan who is still alive today and helps with thef Fed Hollows Foundation.
  • Won Advance Australia Award

    In 1981 he won the very complementary Advance Australia Award which he took with much gratitude towards the Australian Government.
  • Refused Order of Australia

    Refused Order of Australia
    One of Freds more recognised gestures was when he boldly refused the Order of Australia Award because he thought the government was showing lack of interest and not responding to their own adverse indigenous circumstances in 1985 when he realised that he couldn’t receive all these awards when the aboriginal problem persisted.
  • Human Rights Medal

    In 1990 Fred won the Human Rights Medal.
  • Australian of the Year

    In 1990 Fred was awarded the very prestigous Australian of the Year.
  • Humanist of the Year

    In 1991 Fred was presented Humanist of the Year which he deserved immenseley after the work he did with the poor communities.
  • Death of Fred Hollows

    Death of Fred Hollows
    Fred hollows died on the 10th of Febuary 1993. He is remebered and thanked by many poor people even in his death. He had a state funeral at St Marys Cathedral.