Fred Hollows

  • Born

    He was born in New Zealand the 9th of April 1929
  • Starts University

    Don't know the proper date for when he started by he started in the year 1946
  • Collage Start

    After UNI he started collage
  • Started Medical School

    Not the exact date but the year he started medical school was in 1951 and he ended medical school in 1955. This is where it began how he learned to becaome a medical practioner and how it started for him helping the people
  • He Started working in a hospital

    He got a job in Wellington Hospital
  • Married

    In 1958 Fred Hollows married Mary Skiller at the age of 29
  • Studied over seas

    Fred studies in The United Kingdom studying Ophthalmology
  • His mission started

    He helped set up first Aboriginal Medical Centre in Redfern, Sydney
  • His wife died

    Fred's first wife, Mary, died and in that year he became the director of National Trachoma and Eye Health Program (NTEHP)
  • 2nd Marriage

    He married another woman called Gabi O'Sullivan
  • Resigined

    Resigned from NTEHP