Franz Joseph Haydn

By klw4509
  • Date of Birth

  • Choir School Enrollment in Vienna

    At the age of eight, Haydn and his younger brother, Michael, went to Vienna to sing at St. Stephen's Cathedral and to attend choir school.
  • Count Morzin

    Haydn earned a living by becoming a composer. He was hired as music director for Count Morzin as his first job. During his time there, he composed 15 symphonies.
  • Dismissed from Choir School

    After losing his voice when going through puberty, Haydn was dismissed from choir school at the age of 18.
  • Marriage

    Haydn marries Maria Anna Keller.
  • The Esterhazy Family

    Haydn begins his lifelong job as the composer for the Esterhazy family. Haydn spent nearly 30 years of his life here.
  • London

    Haydn spent four years in London composing music, including Symphony no. 94, "Surprise".
  • Completion of Surprise

    Haydn finishes composing "Surprise".
  • First Performance

    Haydn's first concert that is featuring "Surprise".
  • Death

    Haydn passes away in the middle of the night, due to old age.