Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Franklin Delano Roosevelt

    Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    Franklin D. Roosevelt was born in Hyde Park, New York to Mr. James, and Mrs Sara Delano Roosevelt. They lived along the Hudson River. James was a landowner and he worked as a businessman. Sara came from a wealthy family, she stayed home and helped educate Franklin, he also had a tutorer. The family often travled to Europe and Campobella Island in Canada.
  • Period: to

    FDR's Life Time

    FDR's Life Span

    He died at age 63
  • School

    When Franklin was 14 he went to Groton School in Massachusetts.
  • College

    After graduating from school Franklin went to Harvard Universaty in Cambridge, Massachusetts. While he was there he studied history, economics, and science. He graduated from Harvard in 1903.
  • Second College

    Second College
    After Harvard Franklin began law school at Columbia Universaty Law School in New York City, New York. He never graduated from this school. Instead he took a test to become a lawyer in 1907.
  • A Wedding!

    A Wedding!
    Mr. Franklin Delano married Mrs. Anne Eleanor
  • 1st Baby Born - Girl

    1st Baby Born - Girl
    Anna Eleanor Roosevelt Jr. was born.
  • 2nd Baby Born - Boy

    2nd Baby Born - Boy
    James Roosevelt was born.
  • The Baby that was suppose to be the third one

    The Baby that was suppose to be the third one
    Franklin and Anna had a baby that died, very tragic.
    His name was Franklin Jr. the first.
  • 3rd Baby Born - Boy

    3rd Baby Born - Boy
    Elliot Roosevelt was born
  • Job

    FDR served as the assistant secretary of the Navy.
  • 4th Baby Born - Boy

    4th Baby Born - Boy
    Franklin Jr. (the second) Roosevelt was born into the family with three older siblings
  • 5th Baby Born - Boy

    5th Baby Born - Boy
    John Aspinwall Roosevelt was born with three older brothers and one older sister.
  • Tragedy Strikes

    Tragedy Strikes
    At age 39, in June, Franklin went to Campobello Island, which is called his second home and is on the Canadian Atlantic coast. FDR decided to go swimming in the astonishingly cold waters. When he got tired of swimming he had a two mile hike home. The next morning he woke up, he was feverish and his left leg was numb. He was paralyzed from his waste down. He would never be able to swim, his favorite sport, again. Even though this tragic event happened to him he continuted to do politics
  • Polio sufferers

    Polio sufferers
    Since FDR suffered from polio he wanted to help others in need, He started the Georgia Warm Springs Foundadtion.
  • Period: to

    Great Depression

    The Great Depression Ends!
  • First Female Cabinet Mamber

    Franklin D. Roosevelt appointed the first female cabinet member in U.S. history. Frances Perkins served as secretary of labor. 1933-1945.
  • Period: to

    FDR's Presidency

    Presidency of FDR
    He wass in the Democratic political party.
  • Inauguration

    Roosevelt was inaugurated
  • A Speech

    A Speech
    " I call for effort, courage, sacrifice, devotion, and granting the love of freedom. All of these are possible and the love of freedom is still feirce and steady in the nation today.
  • Franklin's Death

    Franklin's Death
    Franklin Died of a stroke in Warm Springs, Georgia at age 63.