Franklin D. Roosevelt

  • Born in Hyde Park, New York

  • Period: to

    In his first eight years he had private tutors

  • By age nine he went to his first school in Neuheim, Germany

  • He attended Gorton in America

    Gorton was the most exclusive prep school with a $500 tuition
  • Graduated from Gorton

  • Got accepted into Harvard

  • He married Eleanor Roosevelt

    St. Patrick's day
  • He got elected into the New York Seante

  • He was stricken with poliomyelitis when he was 39

    It's a disease that made him fight for the control of his legs
  • He showed up at a Democratic convention to vote for Alfred E. Smith on cruches

    He was on cruches because of his poliomyelitis
  • He became Governor of New York

  • Began Presidential term

  • The New Deal began

    The new deal is a searies of acts and plans that helped pull America back together after the Great Dreprossion
  • He said "The only thing to fear is fear itself" At the first inaugural address

  • He broadcast the first of thirty "fireside chats"

    This one was about the bank chrisis
  • He passed the beer-wine act

    This alowed the selling and taxing of beer and wine
  • WWII Started during FDR's presidency

  • He helped pass the Pittman Bill

    The Pittman Bill said that Americans could sell arms to nations that can pay for there weapons in cash
  • Died in Warm Springs, Georgia

    Of a cerebral hemorrage
  • Ended Presidential Term