Forensic Science

  • Creation of double lense microscope.

    Dutch lens-maker Zacharias built a microscope with two lenses.
  • Importance of Fingerprints discovered.

  • William Herschel discovers the difference in fingerprints.

    When he was in India he got his workers to 'sign' their document papers with their fingerprints. He slowy noticed that all fingerprints are different.
  • Alphonse Bertillon realises the importance of photography in crimes.

    He began to photograph criminals from two sides; front and side. These photographs are called 'mug shots'.
  • Francis Galton writes book about fingerprints.

    He also grouped fingerprints into three groups: Loops, Whorls and Arches.
  • Karl Landsteiner discovers that not everyone has same time of blod.

    He grouped them into 4 groups - A, B, AB and O.
  • Scotland Yard begins to use Galton-Henry system.

    Which involves the three fingerprint groups and they started to collect finegrprints in ink.
  • Karl Landsteiner divised simple 'ABO' test for bloodstains.

  • Edmond Locard sets up first forensic labratory in Lyon, France.

    Locard said every crime takes something away and always leaves something.
  • Alec Jeffreys discovers that our bodies are made of tiny cells.

    These are called our DNA.