Flowers for Algeron Timeline

  • Progress Report #1

    Charlie, an illiterate 37 year old, starts a journal and in his first entry he writes, " I am 37 years old and 2 weeks ago was my birthday. I have nuthing more to rite now so I will close for today."
  • Period: to

    Floers for Algernon

  • Progress Report #2

    Charlie went and took a test that he didn't really know what he was doing and what it was for. After he wrote in his diary, " I had a test today. I faled it. and I think that maybe now they wont use me."
  • Progress Report #3

    He took another test that day and it was for something else. He also said that his teacher might still use him. This test was to find out personality and when he heard that he said, " I laffed so hard. I said how can you get that thing from ink-blots and fotos."
  • Progress Report #4

    Charlie is so excited because they are using him for the experiment. Like when he says, " They are going to use me!" It shows you how excited and happy he is for getting picked.
  • Progress Report #5

    Charlie is excited and nervous at the same time to have this operation. Everybody is coming by and wishing him luck and hopes he does to by saying, " I got my rabits foot and my lucky penny and my horse shoe.
  • Progress Report #7

    Charlie is doing a lot of testsever since the operation and isn't doing much else though. He explains what is going on in a few words when he says, "Nothing is happening."
  • Progress Report #9

    Charlie is learning from the TV and he thinks it is cool and he loves it. For example when he says," I told Dr Strauss what good it is to get smart in my sleep."
  • Progress Report April 9

    charlie is becoming smarter and is learning to read harder books and understand things more. He is excited that he is getting smarter, "We are reading a very hard book. I have never ead a book harder!"
  • Progress Report April 15

    Charlie is learning extremely fast and is becoming more knowleagable much faster and he is very happy. charlie says, Miss Kinnian says im learning very fast."
  • Progress Report April 28

    Charlie is starting to become attracted to Miss Kinnian like when he says, "I don't understand why I never noticed how beatiful Miss Kinnian really is."
  • Progress Report June 15

    Alergon died and Charlie is in a bad mood and doesn't want to talk to anybody. As Charlie says, "I have become absent-minded."
  • Progress Report July 24

    Everybody is worried about Charlie and his landlady called a doctor because she thinks he is dying. He explains, "Mrs. Flynn called a strange doctor to see me. She thought i was dying." Mrs. Flynn says he has to go somewhere else and work beacause he has no money.