Flowers For Algernon

  • Progress Report 1

    Charlie Gordon is 37 years old and just came to the clinic. He wants an operation to become smarter than he is. His grammar and spelling are very difficult to read.
  • Progress report 2

    Charlie took a couple of tests today but he failed them all including the raw shok test. He is incapable of comprehending the ink blots even when I used two seperate colors.
  • Progress report 3

    I am thinking about using Charlie Gordon but I am not completely sure yet. Today he failed more tests. He might be too unintelligent to help. He could not come up with a story because he did not want to lie.
  • Progress report 4

    We are definently using Charlie for the experiment. He does not care if the operation is painful and Charlie is very motivated. The bad grammar and spelling is increasing.
  • Progress report 5

    Charlie is beginning to be scared of the operation. He is being annoyingly superstitious. He got nervous that a black cat crossed his path and he carries a rabbit foot and a horseshoe. He is still spelling very horribly.
  • Progress report 6

    Charlie was not hurt by the operation. Today he got to have his bandages removed but it is too early to see any progress. His spelling is beginning to be a little bit better.
  • Progress report 7

    Charlie feels very hateful to Algernon who is a mouse. The mouse is smarter than Charlie so he is jealous. Charlie really wants to beat Algernon in a race. Charlie is wondering why miss. Kinnian is not coming to see him, but he will not get to see her anymore because now he will begin to get smart so he no longer belongs in the special education classes. Charlie retook the tests today but he still failed every one of them. Hopefully Charlie gets better soon.