Flowers for Algernon

By emrentz
  • Charlie is tested

    Charlie takes a test to see if he will be used. Charlie didn't think he did very well on the test, saying, "I had a test today. I think i faled it, and I think tat maybe they won't use me" (371).
  • Charlie races Algernon

    Charlie had to race a mouse in a maze to test his intelligence. Charlie felt bad about himself because he coudn't beat Algernon, and he said, " Anyway that test made me feel worser than all the others because they did it over 10 times with different amazed and Algernon won every time" (374).
  • Charlie is used

    Charlies is selected to be used in a science experiment to test if you can operate on someone successfuly, and make them smarter
  • Charlie's operation

    Charlie is operated on. Dr. Strauss, Charlie's doctor, says the operation might work. The only thing Charlie thinks of is beating Algernon. Charlie said," I asked Dr Strauss Ill beat Algernon in the race after the operashun ad he said maybe" (375).
  • Charlie's operation is complete

    Charlie begins to get frustrated with the fact that he hasn't got smarter immediately. After the operation he wrote, "ll the time when the bandijis were on my eyes I tryed to think. Nothing happened. I don't know what to think about."
  • Charlie is still not noticing his "friends"

    When Charlie goes back to the factory to work, he is still being made fun of. Joe, Reilly, and the rest of the factory workers are using the expression, "he really pulled a Charlie Gordon," to mean someone is stupid.
  • Dr. Strauss puts a television in Charlie's room

    Charlie is still upset because he doesn't see any change in his intelligence. He didn't come to the lab because he didn't "like to race with Algernon any more." So, Dr. Strauss put a small television in Charlie's room that is supposed to help increase his intelligence.
  • Charlie beats Algernon!

    Charlie finally comes to the lab, and beats Algernon! Although he beat Algernon he doesn't feel like he did anything. Charlie said, " I must be getting smart to beat mouse like Algernon. But I don't feel smarter."
  • Charlie finds out Joe and Reilly's real intentions

    Charlie is invited to Joe and Reilly's party. Joe and Reilly make fun of Charlie and he is finally smart enough to understand what they are saying. Charlie said, " Everyone was looking at me and laughing and I felt naked. I wanted to hide myself."
  • Charlie quits

    Charlie quits his job at Donnegan's Plastic Box Company. The only thing is he didn't really quit. Everyone except Fanny signed a petition stating that he should be fired.
  • Charlie sees himself

    When Charlie eats one night at the corner diner for dinner he sees himself. The new dishwasher there stumbled and crashed to the floor with a pile of plates. Everyone laughed at him, and suddenly Charlie noticed that he used to be like that. He jumped up shouting " Shut up! Leave him alone! It's not his fault he can't understand!" Charlie then ran out in frusteration.
  • Charlie uses his mind

    From then on Charlie slowly loses his intelligence. Everyday he loses something he's learned. He loses spelling, reading, and writing. Until he's back to the way he first was. Charlie decides to move to New York thinking that he can gain back his intelligence. Charlie is so frustrated, "Why can't I remember? I've got to fight."