filming history

By waylon1
  • First movie camera

    The history of film began in the late 1880 with the invention of the first movie camera. so this is the first one ever made and created in this time period.
  • the motion pictures

    first 11 years of motion pictures show the cinema moving from a novelty to an established large scale industry. films represent a movement from films consisting of one shot
  • The Emergence of Motion Pictures

    Two French brothers, Louis and August Lumiere patent a combination movie camera and projector, capable of projecting an image that can be seen by many people. In Paris, they present the first commercial exhibition of projected motion pictures.
  • multi-shot films

    The multi-shot films that Georges Méliès made in 1899. much longer made by from anyone else. still did not have sounds
  • the continue of success

    1900, continue of action across successe shots was define.
  • the motion picture industry

    Henry Miles sets up the first film exchange, allowing exhibitors to rent films instead of buying them.cartoon pctures are now developing
  • studios

    Studios begin distributing publicity stills of actors and actresses.
    Credits begin to appear at the beginning of motion pictures.
  • The Arrival of Sound

    Leed eForrest demonstrates a method for recording sound on the edge of a film strip. western Electric and Warner Bros. agree to develop a system for movies with sound.
  • Paramount

    Paramount becomes the first studio to announce that it will only produce "talkies." Walt Disney's Galloping Gaucho and Steamboat Willie are the first cartoons with sound. one of as hthe first
  • Nickelodeon

    In 1907 there were about 4,000 small "nickelodeon" cinemas in the United States. they were yhe first to have the station. and they have one on cable now.
  • technicolor

    technicolor introduces a three-color process . there was a full film done by walt disney. in the snow white movie.
  • the war production

    The War Production Board imposes a $5,000 limit on set construction. their were retriction on clothes as well on set no trousers.