Film Timeline

  • Muybridge Horse Photo

    Muybridge Horse Photo
    Stanford asks Muybridge to take a photo of a horse to see if all 4 hooves come up when galloping. Muybridge used 12 cameras to capture the sequence and discovered series photography
  • First Movie Theater

    First Movie Theater
    Edison creates the first movie theater. Theaters used kinetoscopes to show movies.
  • Cinematographe Invention

    Cinematographe Invention
    Lumiere Brothers create cinematographe which is motion picture movies. The technique got perfected by 1890
  • The Cabbage Fairy

    The Cabbage Fairy
    Many consider this movie to be the first fictional film. It was also the first film created by a woman. She was inspired by the Lumiere Brother's invention
  • Change from New York To California

    Change from New York To California
    Since Thomas Edison had alot of control over the film industry, filmmakers decided to move from New York to California to create movies and Hollywood came to be.
  • Technicolor

    Technicolor was a new way to color movies. It used different layers to color it in and was often expensive. The Wizard of Oz was the movie to fully optimize the use of technicolor
  • The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari

    The Cabinet of Dr.Caligari
    The first horror movie ever created. The movie is about a murderous hypnotist. Created by Robert Weine.
  • First signs of editing

    First signs of editing
    In Russia, the Kushelov effect was discovered where the image was positioned gave more meaning than the image itself. This created the concept of a montage.
  • The Jazz Singer

    The Jazz Singer
    The Jazz Singer was the first film to have sound in it. It was created by Warner Bros who would later have major sucess.
  • Stardom

    At this point, people starting going to the theater to watch specific actors. Movie makers used this as a way to make even more money and kept the actors on contracts so they couldn't leave.
  • Revolt of Actors

    Revolt of Actors
    Olivia de Havilland, an actor at the time, sued Warner Bros for adding six months to her contract and won her case. This eventually made other actors sue and eventually set the precedent that studios no longer have the power over actors.
  • Jaws

    The creation of Jaws changed Hollywood forever. This is considered the first blockbuster. The director behind this was Steven Spielburg.