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  • Steamboat willie - 1928

    Steamboat willie - 1928
    Movies in the 1920's were of great importance for the world, because the Great Depression hit, and they need some form of cheep entertainment and some way to have hope, so Walt Disney gave them hope by releasing this short film, one of the most popular films ever made.
  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs - 1938

    Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs - 1938
    Disney is now a film powerhouse, and this is Disney's first universal release by Disney.
  • Der Fuehrer's Face - 1943

    Der Fuehrer's Face - 1943
    This is the most popular propaganda film created in America. It shows Donald Duck waking up in Nazi Germany and the terrible conditions they make their workers work through. At the end of the short, it was a bad dream and Donald woke up in his bed, thankful to live in America.
  • Bwana Devil - 1952

    Bwana Devil - 1952
    The 1950's introduced a lot of different ways to watch film, one of those being 3D films. Bwana Devil is the first 3D film released in the movies.
  • Night Of The Living Dead - 1968

    Night Of The Living Dead - 1968
    This movie is special but not for the reason you would think. The civil rights law was recently passed, but racism is still rampant. This movie featured the first main black character that was the hero and protector of a group of white people. Ever other movie usually had the black guy as the villain, or a side character nobody listens to, but this was the first time a African American was mainstream.
  • Jaws - 1975

    Jaws - 1975
    Even tho star wars somewhat started the summer blockbuster, Jaws really put the summer movies into the spotlight. Jaws was also a classic film that has modern day influences all the time. Jaws also allowed for better animatronic technology to be made, considering the shark "jaws" is an animatronic fake shark
  • E.T The Extra Terrestrial - 1982

    E.T The Extra Terrestrial - 1982
    E.T was really the film most set up for failure. This movie was good for the time but doesn't age well. This movie did have one of the most popular product placement moments, with reeses pieces.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas - 1993

    The Nightmare Before Christmas - 1993
    This was one of the most popular and original stop motion movie produced. This introduced stop motion into the mainstream and inspired movies like Caroline and many many more stop motion films after