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Film Noir

  • Created Blog

    Created Blog
    Created blog on Google Blogger. Added deadlines on front page. Georgia's Blog, Alex's Blog and Laurence's Blog.
  • Period: to

    Foundation Production Portfolio

  • Conventions of Film Noir

    Conventions of Film Noir
    Wrote about the conventions of film noir and uploaded to slideshare. Conventions.
  • The History of Film Noir

    The History of Film Noir
    Wrote about the history of film noir, and uploaded onto Prezi. History.
  • Audiences of Film Noir

    Audiences of Film Noir
    Researched and wrote about the audiences and ratings of film noir, uploaded to Slideshare. Audience.
  • Institutions of Film Noir

    Institutions of Film Noir
    Wrote about producers and distributors of film noir, uploaded to Prezi. Institutions
  • Meeting 1

    Meeting 1
    Meeting between Alex and Georgia discussing intitial ideas.
  • Meeting 2

    Meeting 2
    Meeting between Alex, Georgia and Laurence, discussing plot, shooting schedule, and location.
  • Initial Ideas

    Initial Ideas
    Completed initial ideas. Initial Ideas
  • Analysis of Film Noir Opening Seqence

    Analysis of Film Noir Opening Seqence
    Completed analysis of different camera angles and other techniques of several different film noirs. Georgia = Sunset Boulevard
    Laurence = D.O.A.
    Alex = Double Indemnity Research(Blog)
  • Title Sequence Analysis

    Analysed an opening sequence from a film noir. Georgia = Se7en
    Alex = Momento
  • 9 Screen Analysis

    Took 9 screens from an opening sequence and analysed them.
  • StoryBoard

    Started on the story board, completed 3 out of 20 slides. Also started on the shot list
  • Meeting 3

    Meeting 3
    Discussed the opening sequence, as we were completing a storyboard,shot list.
  • Animatic

    Completed animatic of storyboard. Animatic
  • Meeting 4

    Meeting 4
    Final preparations for shooting, schedule rethought and final planning finished.
  • Meeting 5

    Meeting 5
    Last few things uploaded, new schedule confirmed with all members. Camera booked.
  • Shoot 1

    Shoot 1
    Shot Joes section (Burn valley). Still alot to do
  • Editing

    Editted first sequence of film.
  • Costume List

    Costume List completed.
  • Logo

    Completed company logo.
  • Editing 2

    Screenshots of editting process.
  • Editing rough Cut (Screenshot Powerpoint)

    An extended powerpoint showing how we edited the film
  • Logo

    Finished creating the logo and added to the sequence
  • Deadline for Rough Cut

    A preset deadline to show own film so far. To ensure we are all caught up
  • Meeting 6

    Organization problem lead to the shooting to be proponed. For a week over the rough cut deadline. luckily we have filmed enough to show a respectable rough cut.
  • Meeting 7

    Laurence is absence again. Filming is still behind. But the blogs are all up to date. One final push to finish it all off.
  • Character Profiles

    The profiles are started by as filming has not been finished. We do not process the required images to complete it.
  • Rough Cut Deadline

    The pre-set deadline for the first rough cut of own clip
  • Meeting 8

    Rough Cut completed. The final cut in progress. Able to use the "Sin City effect" in final cut. Also the soundtrack has been completed.
  • Final Cut Deadline

  • Redone audio

    Rerecored the audio for the movie, due to bad wind on set.
  • Shoot 2

    Shoot 2
    Shot part of Lolas part using a member of another group
  • IOLP Completed

    IOLP Completed
    Completed our IOLP