Film History Timeline

  • First ever motion picture

    First ever motion picture
    The first ever surviving motion picture is a short film with humans. It's called Roundhay Garden Scene, where it shows people moving. It was directed by a French inventor, and would later help grow to all the movies we see today.
  • Sound in Movies

    Sound in Movies
    The first sound that was ever made in movies when De Forest created a way for sounds to be heard. He made more than 1000 sounds and made it possible for a motion picture and sound to be played at the same time. With sound wired in, it wasn't long before being able to hear in all movies was to come
  • Color in movies

    Color in movies
    Technicolor was created and soon used in movies. Even though it was invented in the 20s, it wasn't really popular or really used until the 30s. This is important as all film today we use color in.
  • Casablanca was released

    Casablanca was released
    The notable film "Casablanca" was released and premiered. The film was based off a popular play and is about two former lovers. It is considered iconic and a classic today.
  • The Mickey Mouse Club

    The Mickey Mouse Club
    The show "The Mickey Mouse Club" premiered. It was a hit with the children and is still important to many kids to this day. Later on this year the Disneyland Theme park in California opened up.
  • Sidney Poitier

    Sidney Poitier
    Sidney Poitier won the academy award for "Best Actor", making him the first black person to ever do so. He won because of his role as a construction worker in Lilies of the Field. This is an important milestone because it paved a way to the end of black stereotypes.
  • HBO is released

    HBO is released
    The first U.S. cable subscription service is released. It was the leading cable station due to its variety of movies and the original programming. Its notable because of how far subscription services in film have come
  • Colombia Pictures was purchased by Coca-Cola

    Colombia Pictures was purchased by Coca-Cola
    In 1982, Coca-Cola Company purchases Colombia Pictures. The film studio was bought for 750 million, which was just a few weeks before the annoucment of Diet Coke. Now, Colombia Pictures is one of the biggest film companies in the world.
  • Nickelodeon was popular

    Nickelodeon was popular
    Throughout the 90s Nickelodeon basically ruled peoples childhoods. Every child growing up had a favorite show, and many many shows were hits. Nickelodeon even had movies for these shows, like in 1998 the Rugrats Movie.
  • Ruby Red Slippers sold

    Ruby Red Slippers sold
    Not really in film, but the Ruby Red Slippers from the Wizard of Oz were sold. They were sold in an auction, which had happened in 1988. They were sold for $666,000, which is the most expensive pair of shoes sold from a film ever.
  • Horror becomes big

    Horror becomes big
    The 2000s were horrible for horror, as the movies were all remakes or super cheesy. In the 2010s, horror took a new step for the better. Movies like Get Out, Us, and Midsommar came out and were big hits. (I put the time for when the movie "Get Out" came out.

    Even with a pandemic, many cities from around the world are still having film festivals. One to happen in the US in 2020 is DOC NYC, a film festival in New York City that is mainly happening online this year, It will be scaled down this time instead of being bigger, due to the pandemic.