Film History Timeline Assignment

  • First Stop-Motion Film

    First Stop-Motion Film
    The movie is called The Humpty Dumpty Circus. This is the first stop-motion ever created. The company that helped produce this is Kalem Company.
  • First Post Credits

    First Post Credits
    This is when post credits were created. It started in a film called The Broken Oath which was a short film. The company that made this are called Independent Moving Pictures.
  • Sound Film

    Sound Film
    When sound film was created. This was during the time when people were starting to figure out how to put sounds in movies. The first movie to become a sound film is The Jazz Singer
  • First Animated Film

    First Animated Film
    This was the first animated film. This was also one of the first animated films with color. The company that created the film is Disney.
  • Noir

    This is a genre that was created in the 1940's. The films created using the genre Noir reflected disillusionment in the country. This was when soldiers started returning home at the end of WW2.
  • 1 Million $

    1 Million $
    This was when a film actor made 1 million. The movie actor's name is Marlon Brando. He stared in the movie The Fugitive Kind.
  • Blaxploitation

    This was a newly created genre. This genre was aimed at primarily African-American audiences. This also created the first commercially successful black film.
  • First Female Major Studio Head

    First Female Major Studio Head
    Sherry Lansing is the first female to head a major studio for a film. She made productions such as Taps and The Verdict. She did this all in three years
  • First 3D Animated Film

    First 3D Animated Film
    Toy Story is the first-ever 3d animated film. This helped kickstart 3d animated films we know today. The Company that supported this masterpiece is none other than Pixar Animation Studios.
  • Blue-ray Created

    Blue-ray Created
    Blue-Ray came to life in 2002. It destroyed the competition because it supported many more companies such as Sony, LG, Sharp, Etc. It also held more GB and had higher bit-rates allowing Blue-Ray to look more astounding while leaving HD DVD in the dust.
  • Youngest Best Actress Nominee

    Youngest Best Actress Nominee
    At the age of 9, Quvenzhane walis became a Nominee. Not just any nominee though, the Best Actress Nominee in Academy Awards history. She stared in Beast of the Southern Wild.
  • Covid-19

    During Covid-19's peak, it destroyed the film industry. Because of the Virus, major chains such as AMC were on the verge of bankruptcy. and because of lockdowns, smaller chains wouldn't survive and it would leave bigger chains suffering.