Film History Timeline

  • The Black Crook

    The Black Crook
    This movie was the first musical movie to ever be created. This production was 5 and a half hours long. This production made them one million dollars.
  • Roundhay Garden

    Roundhay Garden
    This was the first movie to ever be made. It was made by a French director named Louis Le Prince. Known as the world's easiest surviving motion picture film.
  • First Camera Made

    First Camera Made
    William Dickson made the first camera with the help of Thomas Edison. Dickson made the Kinetograph. The Kinetograph Is a primitive motion picture camera
  • L'Arroseur Arrose

    L'Arroseur Arrose
    This was the first comedy movie ever made. Also was known as the first fiction movie as well. It started an era of "acting funny'
  • Le Manoir du Diable

    Le Manoir du Diable
    This was the first scary movie ever made. The movie was fairly short movie and didn't have any dialogue. This was made before they had colors in movies
  • The Temptation of ST. Anthony

    The Temptation of ST. Anthony
    This was the first religious movie ever made. movie was made after an idea coming from a painting. This lead to a lot of different religious movies being made.
  • The Golf Between Us

    The Golf Between Us
    This is on the timeline because this was the first movie to be made with color. During this time people were used to seeing everything in black and white.
  • The Jazz Singer

    The Jazz Singer
    This ended the era of movies with no sound. This was the first movie to be created with sound. The sound was made with Vitaphone
  • Francis The Talking Mule

    Francis The Talking Mule
    This was the first film that had a talking animal. After this film people started making more animals that talk such as Alvin and the Chipmunks and Zookeeper. This movie made a profit of 2.9 million dollars.
  • The Incredible Mr. Limpet

    The Incredible Mr. Limpet
    This is the first movie made about a fish. This movie was made by the Warner Bros. this encouraged other movies to be made like Finding Nemo, and Shark Tale.
  • Westworld

    This was the first movie with computer generated special effects. This movie was very successful, making around 10 million. Westworld used 5 different softwares and spent over 4 months trying to get the special effects right.
  • Avatar

    This movie holds the record for most money made to this day. This production has made just over 2.8 billion dollars. This is known as the most successful movie to ever be created.