film history timeline

  • first film camera

    first film camera
    this device was a device where film was moved past a light and it was developed by thomas edison, this was a big change in history the first film camera ever
  • hand held film camera

    hand held film camera
    two brothers developed the camera the hand hands camera was known to project images on to a large screen such as a projector
  • first scientific film is released

    first scientific film is released
    A trip to the moon is released and it is the first scientific film ever released and use of many special effects
  • credits are made

    credits are made
    this is the time when credits started being used to give credit to the creators and actors this was the first time they have ever been used
  • first 3d film

    first 3d film
    the first ever 3d film was made most people were used to watching regular 2d films and they wanted to make something that would make the public go crazy so they made 3d films
  • drive in movie theater

    drive in movie theater
    the first drive in movie theater is made in new jersey and is a big hit many people start to go they can watch movies right next to their cars
  • first time color being used

    first time color being used
    the first time color was used in a full was for the wizard of oz and many people loved that they used color for a movie and the movie became very popular
  • french new wave

    french new wave
    french new wave became a trend became a trend in the 60s and was created for many people to enjoy which they did these films were so popular back in the day since the first ever one was made
  • new hollywood film makers

    new hollywood film makers
    new film makers finally came which means people would get different films now more exciting films to watch this was a big transition in film history
  • disney buys pixar

    disney buys pixar
    in 2006 disney buys pixar this is one of the biggest moves in film history ever especially since today disney pixar is one if not the most popular movie company today so many disney films are bought and watched today and so many films are popular
  • 48fps

    the first film using 48fps is made and the movie is the hobbit this allows the movie to be shown more clearly and overall better quality which people enjoy better, this would continue to be used for films because of how god it made the movies
  • downfall year for theater films

    downfall year for theater films
    the year 2020 was one of the worst years for movies in theaters ever because of the virus known as covid 19, not only did most theaters close but many people didn’t go whether they were open or not which made them lose money. this was one of the worst times for film history.