Film History Timeline

  • Eadweard Muybridge makes horse picture run!!

    Eadweard Muybridge makes horse picture run!!
    Using many cameras, Eadwerd Muybridge takes picutres of different positions of a horse and makes it look like it's running. In doing this, he proved that at one point when a horse runs, all four legs are off of the ground.
  • Gun looking Camera!

    Gun looking Camera!
    Marey construted a gun looking camera that could take twelve photoos per second of moving animals or humans.
  • Roundhay Garden Scene

    In 1888 Louis le Prince filmed "Roundhay Garden Scene" in Leedes, England.
  • Kinetoscope

    The first movie picture projecter was made.
  • 35 mm basis made!

    The verticle feed motion picture camera in the summer of 1892, which is the basis for the 35mm film. Also, "Black Maria", the world's first film production studio or America's first movie studio was established.
  • The Lumiere brothers

    In france, Louis and Auguste Lumiere began filming documentaries. Exiting the Factory and The Sprinklers Sprinkle are two of the documentary.
  • Georges Melies

    Georges Melies
    Georges Melies, other known as the Father of Special Effects, began using stop motion photography multiple exposers, time lapse photography, fades, and other special effects to make movies such as the Haunted Castle.
  • Kodak Camera

    Kodak Camera
    Eastman Kodak introduced his new simple box camera called the Brownie camera. They sold for $1.00.
  • A Trip to the Moon

    Melies films "A Trip to the Moon". This was the first film shot at a set. It also had costume changes.
  • The Life of an American Fireman

    In 1902, Porter filmed "The Life of an American Fireman". It was 7 scenes renderred in 9 shots.
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery
    Porter filemed this movie in 1903. This film contains cruss cutting, double exposure composite editing, camera movement, and on location shooting. There was even color in some scenes.
  • First all African-American Movie

    "A Fool and His Money" , directed by Alice Guy-Blache was noted as the first film with only African-American actors.
  • The First Hollywood Studio

    The First Hollywood Studio
    Movie directer Ince, is known most for creating Inceville. This was the first modern Hollywood studio.
  • Movies go into Theaters

    In 1912-1913, movies began appearing in actual theaters instead of the nickelodeons.
  • A Birth of A Nation

    DW Griffith filmed "A Birth of a Nation" in 1915. His goal in this and his other movies was to ccreat a cinema world that reflected our own world.
  • Walt Disney's First Cartoon

    Walt Disney's First Cartoon
    In 1922, Walt Disney's "Little Red Ridinghood" was released. It was made in Laugh O Grams studio in Kansas City.
  • The Toll of the Sea

    This film introduced the first two-color process.
  • Warner Brothers

    Warner Brothers
    The Warner brothers made their film distribution and production into a corporation.
  • Movies with Sound

    Warner brothers , along with Western Electric, decided to develop a system to add sound to movies.
  • Gangster Genre Introduced

    The Gangster Genre was became popular in the Depression. In the 1940's and 1950's the Genre became much darker.