Film History Taylor Brady

  • 25,000 dollar bet

    25,000 dollar bet
    Eadweard Muybridge made a bet with friends that at one point when a horse is running none of their hooves touch the ground. In order to prove this they lined up several cameras and took multiple pictures. This was the start of movies.
  • Vaudeville

    A movie theater that would show the short film an then had the actors come out and act a scene/dance/sing for the audience
  • Kinetescope Parlor

    Kinetescope Parlor
    One of the first movie theaters. You would pay money to stand behind an object that you put your eye up to and they would crank the machine to play the movie.
    only for an audience of one.
  • Lumiere brothers

    Lumiere brothers
    The Lumiere brothers did what Edison didn't want to and made a projector to show motion pictures on a large screen
    They called it Cinematographe
  • Series

    The Lumiere Brothers started producing Series of short films that lasted 30-60 seconds long. They started showing them a Paris Cafe and charged one-franc admission (films such as man falling off horse)
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas Edison
    Invented the projector and peephole kinetescope. He didn't reveal the projector because he didn't want to lose the money he got from the multiple peephole kinetscope's
  • Nickelodeons

    As the vaudeville expanded they went into Nickelodeons, which was a nickle for the movie. They were small store-front theaters that feautred film (accompinied by sound effects and piano music) with 1/2 vaudeville acts.
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery
    First narrative movie with 14 scenes and was 12 minutes long. First real story line involved in movies with different camera angles and narrations.
  • Motion Pictures Patents Company

    Motion Pictures Patents Company
    Plan to use combined patents to control nearly everything in the motion picture industry. Independent film making industries tried to compete but MPPC raided the independent studios that tried to make films.they created a internationally competitive motion picture industry.
  • Names in MPPC

    Names in MPPC
    MPPC didn't want to list the names of their actors and actresses in fear of them getting too famous and asking for too much money as their fame grew.
  • Nickelodeon 1910

    Nickelodeon 1910
    Nickelodeon theaters were attracting 26 million viewers each week, that number doubled after 5 years, poularity of films then led to a monopoly.
  • Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin

    Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin
    two huge actors back in the early movie days that were well known and starred in most movies.
    Mary known as "America's Sweetheart" and Charlie Chaplin the comic genius.