Film History

  • First Film

    First Film
    The first motion picture ever, The Horse in Motion was created using cabinet cards to reflect movement. This went through a couple unpublished attempts before finally being published. This was created by Eadweard Muybridge.
  • First 3d Film

    First 3d Film
    The first 3d film was The Power of Love in 1922. It set the stage for more movies to come using this technology, and started a new wave of movie production. At it's release, the 3d version was not received well, but it still set precedents that are still used today.
  • Maviola is Invented

    Maviola is Invented
    This film invention was used so the film editor could see what he was editing. Thus technology was used for a while before being outclassed by modern tech. It was invented by Iwan Serrurier.
  • Talking is Introduced to Film

    Talking is Introduced to Film
    The first "Talkie" was The Jazz Singer in 1927. This would change the film franchise forever as all movies were silent until this time. It was produced by Warner Bros.
  • Technicolor is Used for the First Time

    Technicolor is Used for the First Time
    Technicolor, a technology that is used to this day was introduced this year in The Wizard of Oz. It exposes the film and makes it easier to watch. This technology changed the film industry for the better.
  • IMAX is Introduced to Film

    IMAX is Introduced to Film
    The release of Tiger Child marked the first ever use of IMAX in film. This technology uses higher quality cameras and theaters to make the movie a better overall experience. This tech is still used to this day and makes the movie going experience a fun one.
  • CGI is First Used

    CGI is First Used
    The first movie to use CGI was West World. This technology is used a lot today to make movies such as The Avengers have things that aren't possible to create be in the movie digitally. This is one of the most game changing things to happen in the industry
  • Digital Cameras are Invented

    Digital Cameras are Invented
    The digital camera invention completely changed the game for filmmakers. These cameras didn't need the time it took to be processed, and could produce an image in seconds. Since the first digital camera in 1975, they have only gotten better and higher quality.
  • Dolby Sound is Used

    Dolby Sound is Used
    The sound technology Dolby Sound was first used in Superman in 1978. This tech made sound a lot better than it ever had been and made for a much better movie experience. This tech is still used to this day.
  • Highest Grossing Movie of All Time

    Highest Grossing Movie of All Time
    The highest grossing movie of all time is Avatar in 2009. Produced by James Cameron, the movie made 2.8 billion dollars at the box office. This record hasn't been broken yet.