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  • The Invention of Thaumatropes

    The Invention of Thaumatropes
    The Thaumatrope is an old toy that was made from either a card or a disk attached to 2 strings on each side. When you twirled the string the pictures would look like they were moving together. This was the first version of animation.
  • Invention of Celluloid Film

    Invention of Celluloid Film
    Celluloid is a material that sensitive to light and was used for many different things. One day 3 men by the names of John Carbutt, Hannibal Goodwin and George Eastman used it for photography. Eastman Kodak made it commercially available.
  • The Bet

    The Bet
    Eadweard Muybridge and his friends were sitting at the race track and Eadweard said that he thought that a horses legs were all in the air at one point. None of his friends believed him so they made a bet. To prove his theory he set up a row of cameras down the track and they took pictures as the horse ran. He combined the photos together and they looked like they were moving. Him and his friends decided to sell this idea and invented the idea of film.
  • Chronophotographic gun

    Chronophotographic gun
    Etienne Marey was a French man who invented a camera that took up to 12 pictures per second. It was also shaped like a gun. This camera helped develop chronophotographe art.
  • First Private Screening

    First Private Screening
    The first private screening was held at the Society for the Development of the National Industry in Paris. There was 200 people in the audience.
  • First Cinema

    First Cinema
    The first full time cinema opens. It was in Los Angeles.It was called Tally's Electric Theatre.
  • Birth of a Nation

    Birth of a Nation
    Birth of a Nation is one of the first full length movies. Nickelodeon had to raise the prices of their shows because of this.
  • The Jazz Signer

    The Jazz Signer
    The first Talkies were released. A talkie was a movie with sound. All of the movies before this one were silent.
  • Drive-In Movies

    Drive-In Movies
    The fist drive-in movie theater was opened in New Jersey.People would sit in their cars and watch the movies.
  • Antitrust Law

    Antitrust Law
    The antitrust laws stated that movies were to only be shown in theaters. This caused a lot of the movie theaters we see today.
  • Start to Modern Theaters

    Start to Modern Theaters
    A movie theater debuted with stereo sound systems and a big screen for the first time. This was the first one in history to do this.
  • Themes

    The film industry started to come up with more themes in this decade. Most of the old films were the same genre, so they came up with new ones.