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  • First Moving Picture

    First Moving Picture
    Created by Muybridge to settle a bet on whether a horse had all four feet off the ground at the same time
  • Kinetoscope parlor

    Kinetoscope parlor
    first "theaters". You could watch a moving picture through a small hole.
  • Film Projector

    Film Projector
    The Lumiere brothers created the first film projector that projected onto a large screen. They created many short films with it, ranging from 30 to 60 seconds
  • The Great Train Robbery

    The Great Train Robbery
    Edwin Porter, an employee of Thomas Edison, created the first narrative film called The Great Train Robbery.
  • Nickelodeons

    Nickelodeons were vaudevilles that showed motion pictures.
  • Charlie Chaplin

    Charlie Chaplin
    Charlie Chaplin was one of the biggest stars of the time, earning more that a million dollars a year.
  • Steamboat Willie

    Steamboat Willie
    Disney releases his first animated picture, steamboat willie. This was the start of a animation and film giant. It was also the first film to include a soundtrack.
  • "The Greatest Year in the History of Hollywood."

    "The Greatest Year in the History of Hollywood."
    This year is sometimes known as the greatest year in the history of Hollywood. This year released The Wizard of Oz. It also released Gone with the Wind.
  • Citizen Kane

    Citizen Kane
    This movie was released in 1941. It is commonly known as the greatest film of all time. Strangely enough, it was only rated as the 30th best film that year.
  • Peter Pan

    Peter Pan
    Disney released peter pan. It was one of the most successful Disney movies.
  • Disney Dies

    Disney Dies
    In 1966, Walt Disney died. He was producing three movies at the time.
  • Period: to

    Monopoly on film

    In the 1910's, Edison made a monopoly on films. He formed the MPPC. The MPPC shut down in 1918.