Film History

  • Short Films

    The film industry focused on short films that being a huge major thing to introduce to the film industry
  • The Love Parade

    The Love Parade recieved a record of six academy award nominations.
  • Pinocchio & Fantasia

    This year Walt Disney released two major films: Pinocchio & Fantasia. Which broke many records and did incredible in the industry.
  • 3-D Film

    The film industry wanted to bring people back to the theaters so they introduced 3-D films and attempts at 3-D creation
  • Psycho

    Psycho became one of the most famous and most controversial movies of its time, leaving people upset over the horror and sexuality of it all
  • Larry Fine

    Nothing too extreme happended in the era of the 70's, what did happen tho was Larry Fine's acting career got cut short with a stroke
  • ET

    ET was released and became the highest grossing film to exist
  • Sony Pictures Entertainment

    in 1991 Sony Pictures Entertainment was formed and became one the biggest entertainment companies to this day
  • Disney & Pixar

    In 2006 Disney buys Pixar
  • Infinity War

    Avengers Infinity War is one of the highest grossing movies with over $2 billion, the movie wwas relased in 2018 and did well all over the world
  • Pandemic

    This decade has barely begun, but we've already had the biggest event of all time which took a huge toll on the film industry. Where movie theaters weren't an option, where almost every single movie was postponed to 2021 or 2022. Luckily the industry is slowly making a comeback releasing the ling awaited for The Quiet Place 2 in May along with other major films that were meant to appear in 2020