Film History

  • 1895-The Lumiere Brothers

    1895-The Lumiere Brothers
    The Lumiere Brothers were the first to create a motion picture that was shown to an audience on a screen. The films however were extremely short.
  • nickelodeon

    The Nickelodeon was a very early version of a movie theater. It showed people many different short films at the cost of only five cents for entry
  • Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC)

    Motion Picture Patents Company (MPPC)
    this was a trust that had all the big US film industry come together to create a giant film company that will monopolize the industry. This ended up in failure and unintentionally helped the creation of Hollywood.
  • charlie chaplin

    charlie chaplin
    charlie chaplin was a very well known actor who manly did comedies. most Everyone loved his movies.
  • talkie

    Talkies were a newer type of film that actually had people talking. it was thought that this wasn't going to go well with audiences but it actually did phenomenal.
  • color film

    color film
    colored film was created in 1918 but most people refer to wizard of Oz as the first colored film. this is because it represented the people walking into the new Hollywood
  • Blockbuster

    Once the first blockbuster film came out everything started to change. Films and too make millions and movies started to appear outside of summer