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Film History

By RayP
  • First Fully Indoor

    First Fully Indoor
    Billy Bitzer was the first person to make a full film indoors only using artificial lighting methods.
  • IMP

    A man named Carl Laemmle made his very own Independent Motion Picture Company to protest or go against Edisons company.
  • Monetages

    A new technique arises in Russia called montage, this was later pioneered by Russian filmmakers
  • Best Year

    Best Year
    Many people call this the best year of film because many classics were released this yer.
  • First Golden Globe Awards

    First Golden Globe Awards
    The first award ceremony by Golden Globe was held.
  • TV vs Film

    TV vs Film
    Because of the growing popularity of TV, the attendance to films went down substantially.
  • VCR

    The company Sony let the videocassette recorder (VCR) go out to the public to be used at home.
  • M to PG

    M to PG
    The M rating which meant mature audiences was changed to PG (Parental Guidance) because of how confusing the M rating was.
  • First Use of CGI

    First Use of CGI
    Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan was released and it was the first movie to use CGI for a scene.
  • First Best Picture Award for an Animated Movie

    First Best Picture Award for an Animated Movie
    Disney's movie, Beauty and the Beats, is the first entirely animated movie to receive the Best Picture Award.
  • BEst French Movie in the U.S.

    BEst French Movie in the U.S.
    French comedy, Amelie, becomes the highest-grossing French movie in the U.S. getting 33 million dollars.
  • U.S. Cinema Industry

    U.S. Cinema Industry
    The U.S. became the country with the most domestic box-office revenue, with $11 billion, over 4 times second place.