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  • the first "moving image"

    the first "moving image"
    it started as a group of people betting on wether a horse gallops with all its legs off the ground. the men then created a device that rapidly took photos that would make the image seem to move when quickly scrolling through the frames.
  • first live action film

    first live action film
    known as "the great train robbery", it was a 12 minute movie with 14 scenes. this film introduced the technique of camera angles and positioning.
  • the first cartoon

    the first cartoon
    made by emile cohl, "fantasmagori" was a hand drawn stop motion film that made a creature look as it were moving.
  • the first stunt

    the first stunt
    the movie this was performed in is unknown, however the stunt was a man jumping out of a hot air balloon and landing in the hudson river
  • the first comedy

    the first comedy
    featuring the famous charles chaplin, his first movie to star in was called making a living
  • warner bros.

    warner bros.
    one of the industries biggest companies was established as the the field was booming.
  • the tv

    the tv
    Scottish inventor John Logie Baird created a working prototype of a tv called the prototype video systems. he added something device known as the nipkow disk that allowed silhouetted images to "move".
  • the first audio film

    the first audio film
    "the jazz singer" was an american made musical where there was a recorded score of the music and and well aligned lip synchronous choir. this inevitably led to the decline of the silent era.
  • the invention of technicolor

    the invention of technicolor
    this added color by making layers of green, red, and blue and making them parallel to make color.
  • the first colored broadcast

    the first colored broadcast
    the broadcast would have come out sooner, but an an unsuccessful lawsuit delayed the launch
  • IMAX

    this utilized projectors and put the film on a massive screen with surround sound to enhance the experience of watching a movie.
  • computer animation

    computer animation
    it was introduced in the movie called tron, where the editors would use computers to digitally insert images or alteration in the film.
  • toy story

    toy story
    toy story was the first movie ever to be made entirely on a computer.
  • CGI

    this was an advancement of computer animation known as CGI, or computer generated images. this technology allowed editors to double the detail and depth of a created image.