Film History

  • Hollywood

    Hollywood was Founded in 1903 by Harvey Henderson Wilcox. Hollywood is home to many important studios and companies in the entertainment business. Hollywood is a neighborhood in LA
  • Talkies

    Talkies were the start of movies with sound. Talkies added a new way of acting since actors could now use their voice to show emotion instead of just body language and facial expressions.The first talkie was called "The Jazz Singer".
  • Golden Age of Hollywood

    Golden Age of Hollywood
    The 30s were none as the Golden Age of many things like Hollywood and comics. DC comics and Marvel which made lots of great movies and contributed a lot to the film industry.
  • War films

    War films
    War films were popular during this time they told the stories of war and the experience for people who didn't experience. The war movies told stories of war heros.
  • More nontraditional movies

    More nontraditional movies
    The youth of the 50's wanted something that wasn't so traditional they wanted something different. This introduced actors like Marilyn Monroe. The arrival of this rebellious phase brought different types of music and comedy.
  • Movie rating system is introduced

    Movie rating system is introduced
    The rating system made it easier for parents to monitor what their children were viewing. The new system was made with parents in mind and what they would allow their children to see. The system also has warnings on what the movie contains.
  • First use of CGI in a movie

    First use of CGI in a movie
    Wonderworld 1973 was the first movie to use CGI. The CGI allowed the audience to see through the eyes of gunslinger.The movie is about amusement park animatronics that go wild and attack visitors.
  • PG-13

    PG-13 was introduced in 1984. It was made because of Indiana Jones and the temple of doom when some parents didn't think it was appropriate for small children. PG-13 becoming a thing Created a whole new genre of movies.
  • DreamWorks Pictures is founded

    DreamWorks Pictures is founded
    DreamWorks Pictures was a new film production company that was founded in 1997. DreamWorks animation a subdivision of DreamWorks Pictures later goes on to produce beloved animated movies like "Shrek" and "The Bee Movie". Dreamworks is now a big film company who's films have grossed a total of $15.019 billion.
  • Avatar (Highest grossing of all time)

    Avatar (Highest grossing of all time)
    Avatar was a movie made in 2009 that became the highest grossing movie of all time. It had amazing visuals, cgi, and environment. People wanted to experience themovie in 3D because they liked the movie so much that they would pay to see it again.
  • 2010 Summer movie attendance drop

    2010 Summer movie attendance drop
    In the summer of 2010 theater attendance was the lowest at has been in a decade. 2010 as a whole had the second lowest attendance in a decade.
  • Sonic Movie

    Sonic Movie
    The first Sonic movie trailer showed a terrible design for Sonic the hedgehog that people weren't happy about. People voiced their complaints online and ultimately got paramount studios to change the design to look better. This taught some studios that listening to fans can benefit you.