Film History

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  • 1888

    The start of film a great Bet that kick started what film is today
  • Period: to

    Movie History

    Big events from every decade in film history
  • 1898

    After the new development of projecting movies and short films and nickelodeons that played in vaudevilles
  • First Movies

    First Movies
    Now the first movies are being made fast captured pictures caught on film and played for 12 to 14 minutes each
  • Silent Film

    Silent Film
    the firs major hits in silent film with major actors such as Charlie Chaplin
  • Talkies

    Technology is being used here to make Talkies movies that used sound instead of silent and music played live
  • more use of technicolor

    more use of technicolor
    There was more use in color into movies and shorts such as Disney shorts
  • Summer box office blow outs

    Summer box office blow outs
    New block buster movies in the box office and the success of summer blockbusters
  • CGI

    The rise and birth of CGI use in blow up films
  • Digital movies

    Digital movies
    The shift to use of Digital movies and the growth and more use of digital technology.More movies using digital
  • Back to back blockbuster success

    Back to back blockbuster success
    The success in movie and box office business. Back to back Blockbusters great movie success