Film History

  • Thuamatrope

    This was the earliest version of an optical illusion toy that exploited the concept. The concept being "persistence of vision" first presented by Peter Mark Roget in a scholarly article. This was by an English doctor named Dr.John Aryton Paris.
  • Daedalum

    This invention and patening of yet again another stroboscopic device adaption. Was created by British inventor William George Horner. It is a hollow rotating drum/cylinder with a crank with a strip of sequential photographs drawings or paintings on an interior surface.
  • The Front Page

    The Front Page
    This was a mobile camera combined with inventive rapid fire dialogue and quick editing. This was the age of film and acting advancing.
  • Hollywood During the War Years

    Hollywood During the War Years
    During this time the attack on Pearl Harbor happened while film makers were advancing in profit for film production. Advances as far as lighting, sound and special effects.
  • Drive In Movies

    Drive In Movies
    During this time drive-in movies were becoming more popular and regular. It gave teens and families something to do for fun and the rise in this part of film made more money for the industry.
  • Monumental Changes

    Monumental Changes
    Cinema during this time reflected the decade of fun, fashion, rock n roll, big societal changes, like civil rights movement. This decade was portrayed in movies making a change in history with the platform of cinema.
  • Arts.

    During this decade Hollywood experienced financial and artistic depression, meaning a creative high point in US film industry. While restrictions on language, adult content, and violence loosened up and became more widespread.
  • Intro to High Concept

    Intro to High Concept
    This decade tended to consolidate the gains made in the 70's rather than to initiate any new trends equal to the large number of disaster movies. These were designed and packaged for mass audience appeal, and some 80's films are known as "classics"
  • Money, Mega Spending, and Special Effects

    Money, Mega Spending, and Special Effects
    In this decade cinema attendance was high and on multi screen cineplex complexes throughout the country. The cost of making films was increasing due to the new effects and amount of customers going to movies, and to pay the actors. While dvds were coming into play now too.
  • New Millennium

    New Millennium
    This new decade of films brought many social media platforms to promote new movies. The creation of social medias like youtube, google, amazon made it easier for people to see previews and know what new movies are to come.
  • Major Changes

    Major Changes
    During this decade, Hollywood made it a point to make a revolutionary change in film. The newest switch/ creation was Video on Demand accelerated the digital delivery of movies over the internet.
  • Milestones and Turning Points

    Milestones and Turning Points
    Not much has happened yet in this decade but many actors and actresses have died in the pandemic. Because of the amount of tragedy it has made more movies to make people look at life in a certain perspective.