Film History

By dontho
  • Zoetrope

    William George Horner invented the first zoetrope, based upon Plateau's phenakistoscope. When it was turned in a circular direction, it created the illusion of motion.
  • The Horse

    Eadweard Muybridge use 24 still pictures to simulate motion. This was done to decide whether a horses legs left the groud at the same time.
  • Photo Gun

    Etienne Jules Marey in made a chronophotographic camera, shaped like a gun and called a "shotgun" camera, that could take 12 fps.
  • Kodak

    George Eastman made the Kodak camera and registered the trademakr Kodak that we know to day. The Kodak camera was small and lightwieght as compared to other cameras at that time.
  • Edison's Patents

    Thomas Edison declard his work on future works and patented the Kinetoscope amd Kinetograph .
  • The Eastman Compsny

    George Eastman formed the Eastman Company
  • Kinetograph

    William K.L. Dickson built his kinetograph, afterhe was hired by edison
  • Trails

    William K.L. Dickson made the first trial film called, Monkeyshines No 1
  • Kinetoscope

    Edison had William K.L. Dickson make the Kinetoscope, a peep show of Edison's films shown to the public.
  • Studio

    Edison built the first motion picture studio in West Orange, New Jersey.
  • Achoo

    Edison recorded someone sneezing on a motion picture camera. It was noted as the first medium closs up.
  • Color

    The first color hand - tined films were released.
  • Palors

    The first Kinetoscope palors were built. These consisted of a row of coin operatered Kinetoscopes
  • Movies

    Charles Francis Jenkins became the first person to project a filmed motion picture onto a screen for an audience using the Phantoscope
  • Special Effects

    The first special effect was reported to be a women being decapitated
  • Horror

    First Horror Film due to Georges Méliès' Haunted Castle
  • Asia

    First Film Exhibition took place
  • Theaters

    First permanent movie theater was built in Buffalo, New York
  • Studio

    Georges Méliès built the first studio that used artifical illumination.
  • 335mm

    The 35mm film guage became excepted as the international film guage.